Portrait Commission Process

Portrait painting is a time honored tradition, and commissioning a portrait is an exciting and rewarding process.  Initially the choices can seem daunting and met with some uncertainty; however by partnering with one of our trained sales associates, who will guide you through the process, you can make a confident choice.  We handle all the details – from scheduling the first portrait sitting to delivering the completed portrait.

Getting Started

Following your initial inquiry, one of our sales associates will provide you with valuable information on various elements of a portrait and listen to your desires and expectations for the outcome of your portrait commission. From this initial communication, we will offer you some general information about portraiture and our artists. This is an information gathering conversation as we listen and learn more about the medium, style, subject, location and budget that you have in mind. This dialogue helps us to better assist you in defining your artistic preference and match you with a selection of artists that are best suited for you. Our ultimate mission is to turn your vision into a treasured work of art.

Selecting Your Artist

The process now becomes more specific. Through our research and relationships, we have assembled a stable of approximately 50 artists of the highest calibre, each with a unique style. Our artists have been carefully selected on the basis of talent, training, consistency and general temperament. Factoring in the input you have provided, we will identify the artists that we feel meet the criteria we have established together. The work of each artist will be presented by a portfolio of his/her work which will also include an artist bio and the artist’s portrait fees. One of our well versed sales associates will walk you through the portfolios and point out various characteristics of each artist to enable you to further define your preference. Art should be a reflection of your personal style, and we are experienced in helping you, our client, find the artist that is the best match for you.

First Sitting

Once you have selected an artist, your sales associate is eager to assist you in every facet of the commissioning process. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and assume full responsibility for scheduling a sitting date, arranging travel, if desired, offering wardrobe and location advice, facilitating final delivery and if requested framing, unveiling and installation.

Prior to the sitting you will discuss with the artist the reasons you have selected him/her. Details of the portrait will also be discussed – overall tone, composition, wardrobe, and where the portrait will hang. The artist will then proceed with a photography session and possibly sketches for his/her reference material. With most sittings, the artist and the client will review the photographs together to select images that best capture the expression and personality of the subject. The length of the sitting varies by artist; however, no matter the time, this is an important step and time for artist/client communication.

Development of Portrait

Upon completion of the sitting, the artist will return to his/her studio and continue to develop the portrait from the reference material compiled at the sitting. During this time, your Sales Associate will serve as a point of contact between you and the artist and provide you with updates on the progress of your portrait. If a final sitting is required, your Sales Associate will work with you to coordinate and schedule.


Once your portrait is completed, the artist will notify your Sales Associate to arrange for delivery. Other services offered upon request include assistance with framing, installation, unveiling and complimentary valuations for insurance purposes.